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Coram DEO is a fancy way of saying live your life every day, every minute, every second in the face of God. The words cōram and Deus (Deo) are Latin terms found in the Vulgate. Cōram is a Latin preposition meaning in the presence of, and Deo meaning God. The root of Deo is Deus and has many inflections, one being Deo. Coram and Deus (Deo) are found in many Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek alignments.

Coram DEO Theology is where you will find inspiration, answers to some of the big ‘G’ questions, and most of all, what YOU can do to live your life in the face of God and help others as well. Join us on this journey as we build this community. It is past due that we overtake the darkness that has been and keep the light shining and bright.

5 Things the Bible says about the Light

5 Things the Bible says about the Light
Coram DEO Theology

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