Central Psalms to Know, New Book

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It’s important to note that the reasons for learning the Psalms can vary widely among individuals and religious denominations. Some people may find great spiritual solace in the Psalms, while others may appreciate them primarily for their cultural and historical significance or literary beauty. Ultimately, the decision to learn the Psalms should align with one’s personal beliefs, interests, and spiritual journey.

Within Central Psalms to Know, you will learn 10 significant psalms worth fully knowing. Each psalm in this book will let you compare the text of the Tanakh, NIV and KJV of each. Each psalm will also provide you with some light commentary, historical facts and even some fun and interesting facts that you didn’t know.

A quick easy read that guarantees you will learn something new! If you tend to shy away from reading commentary, this book is for you! I hope you enjoy the book, and if by chance you do, please leave a review. It would be greatly appreciated!

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